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Metabite delivers digital tools and services that help individuals and communities improve their dietary behavior.

What we do and why

Data, research and technology are key for gaining population health insights. Combining these elements intelligently allows us to understand what drives eating behavior both on an individual as well as a population level.

We deliver digital products that empower healthcare professionals to understand these factors in more detail than ever before. In partnership with them we are able to drive positive change in new ways, both on the individual and population levels.

One of the “top 3 most popular smartphone- and web-based
application platforms”

Researchers and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at Stanford Health Care & San José State University

One of the top 3 most frequently used smartphone-based dietary assessment tools

Provides the means to “escape
the cold and hard ‘clinical gaze’ of traditional health professionals”

“An effective approach to monitor dietary intake and deliver education to optimize the nutritional behaviors of elite athletes”

Researchers from the Universities of Sydney & Auckland


Metabite Enterprise

Metabite Enterprise is a digital platform enabling individual, group and population-level nutrition and behavior change counseling.

  • Combines the full suite of MealLogger Pro tools with customized content delivery, data collection and behavioral targeting tools

  • Delivers services to the end-client via bespoke mobile app

  • Integrates with EHR systems and third-party activity tracking platforms to increase the value of your client data

  • Secure, compliant architecture ready for modern healthcare.

  • Single sign-on and API data exchange supported with current standards

  • Fully customizable data extraction and reporting

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MealLogger Pro

MealLogger Pro The MealLogger photo food journal helps your clients eat more mindfully, and using MealLogger Pro's client management dashboards, your clients receive your guidance directly via mobile app or online.

  • Coach clients either privately or via managed peer support groups.

  • View reports on your client activity

  • Your clients connect to you via the free MealLogger photo food journal app


for Research

Metabite products have been used by universities and research studies. Our easy-to-use tools for end-clients, rich data collection and reporting capability have supported numerous studies. Our tools are cited in over 90 publications.


Activate change

MealLogger, by Metabite, is most effective when used as a bridge that connects clinicians and participants:

  • Research published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness used MealLogger to connect a performance nutritionist with an elite rugby player, enhancing the athlete’s nutrition knowledge, dietary practices, and body composition.
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  • A sports dietitian used MealLogger with elite field hockey players in a study published in Sports, which concluded that MealLogger offers “an effective approach to monitor dietary intake and deliver education to optimize the nutritional behaviors of elite athletes.”
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  • An intervention published in the European Journal of Public Health reveals how MealLogger can scale effectively, connecting a nutritionist with members of public health centers to improve diet quality and weight loss.
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Value evidence

  • MealLogger incorporates established behavior change theories, leading to particularly effective interventions, and its unique features facilitate high-quality research in an array of settings.
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  • Of 290 apps reviewed in a paper published in Health Communication, MealLogger was one of only four that incorporated all 13 theoretical constructs related to self-regulation insocial cognitive theory.
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  • Researchers and registered dietitians at Stanford Health Care and San José State University recently published in Nutrition in Clinical Practice that MealLogger is one of the “most popular smartphone- and web-based application platforms” and described it’s unique, research-conducive features including:

  • Nutrition programs based on specific dietary recommendations.

  • Anonymized data analysis for group interactions and engagements.

  • The ability to integrate with existing hospital IT structures.

  • Read more


Observe trends

MealLogger also provides a user-friendly and accurate tool to collect diet and lifestyle information, powering scientific research ranging from case studies to larger observational studies:

  • An article published in Nutrition Today details how a registered dietitian at a family medicine nutrition clinic used MealLogger to support nutrition therapy for an athletic youth with Crohn’s disease.
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  • Researchers from England and New Zealand have used MealLogger to assess fueling adequacy in athletes, and researchers at Harvard and other universities used the platform to study topics that range from cutting edge preoperative dietary interventions to the relationships between diet, circadian rhythm, hormone levels, and body composition.
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  • Finnish researchers designed a scalable web-based intervention for the management of obesity that includes important themes for weight loss, including diet, physical activity, psychological factors, and sleep.
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Support education

Many students pursuing graduate degrees use MealLogger to conduct innovative research and publish thought-provoking theses.

  • In earning a master’s degree in dietetics, two students used MealLogger to study the insufficient calorie intake and in relation to stress profiles, and sleep patterns in New Zealand Rugby players.
    Link to research

  • Another student pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition science explored the experiences of people who participated in a MealLogger-based nutrition intervention at city health centers.
    Link to research

  • A Finnish student pursuing a master’s degree in clinical nursing used MealLogger to explore the approaches taken by public health nurses in the treatment of eating disorders.
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